Persona Pain-Gain Map (Anything but Mint Toothpaste)

Our team’s new business idea is to create an anything but mint flavored toothpaste.  Let’s face it, not everyone likes mint, or mint mixture flavors, so why do toothpaste companies make everyone buy into this flavor?

My individual spin on this idea is not for a new flavor, but a flavorless toothpaste!

Let’s take Anne for example, a 25 year old business professional who’s health conscious and hates mint. She has tried many types of toothpaste and hates the fact that toothpastes are either mint or mint mixed flavors as well as artificially flavored and filled with artificial colors. Most mornings she wakes up, brushes her teeth first, gets dressed, and then makes breakfast to take to eat on the 30 minute commute into work.  Anne has learned that if she brushes her teeth right when she wakes up, the awful flavor of mint has worn off by the time she goes to eat her breakfast about 40 minutes later. But, on days like today, when somehow she has forgotten to set her alarm clock and she is late waking up, Anne knows there is no way she will be able to enjoy her breakfast if she rushes to brush her teeth and get ready. Should she skip brushing her teeth, or should she brush her teeth and not enjoy her breakfast routine?

What if we could offer Anne a flavorless toothpaste?  Without a flavor, Anne could brush her teeth and eat right away if she liked, as there would be no lingering tastes in her mouth. Also by eliminating flavors, whether natural or artificial, there would be no need to add artificial food coloring to the toothpaste to match the color to the flavor. With flavorless toothpaste we could satisfy both of Anne’s needs in regards to taste as well as her mind set in being health conscious.


4 thoughts on “Persona Pain-Gain Map (Anything but Mint Toothpaste)

  1. Joe,

    This is a great business idea. I like how you put yourself in the customer (Anne’s) shoes for the analysis. I think walking through these simple, daily tasks is something that is overlooked when developing a business idea. The “waking up late” scenario is perfect. I hate when I wake up late because I literally have to decide do I want my O.J. to taste terrible or do I want to brush my teeth? Something so simple that all of us can relate to; and to think with all the technology that there isn’t a flavor-less toothpase. Actually, I’m assuming there is a flavorless organic toothpaste but I’m surprised the big name brands haven’t developed this (or if they have, their definitely not marketing it).

    Thanks for the post!

  2. I like the idea of using a fictional character “Anne for example, a 25 year old business professional” to represent the targeted user types. I think that mentioning specific name and age, and gender is so powerful and made the pitch sound representative of the specific segment.

  3. Joe…I hadn’t really thought about this concept too much, because mint doesn’t bother me. However, if I want to drink orange juice with breakfast, it is a problem. I don’t want a sweet toothpaste (like strawberry cheesecake) but I wouldn’t mind a flavorless one at all. You know what, now that I think about it, a light lemon or lime might be refreshing. The key is to minimize the impact of the flavor; excellent business concept!

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