How do you interact with others? What is your leadership style? How does that affect the team around you?

Since I’ve recently had my leadership style assessed I will reflect using the DISC model.

I have been categorized as having a reserved personality and being results oriented which make me fall into the “C” category. Although the executive coaches determined that I fall into the “C” category is my primary personality, they also found I have the ability use the others styles once I know what is required of the situation.

Many executives and CEOs fall into the D or I categories, I’ve been told the greatest CEOs and innovators are Cs (Steve Jobs for one is listed as a “C” personality).

So, how does this play into my leadership style? I, for one, need to be self-aware of myself and my downfalls and advantages, as well as take into account the individual DISC styles of the others I’m leading. I am data and accuracy driven, my favorite phase as work is, “If you don’t have any data you’re just another person with an opinion”, please come back with data.  Now, this may affect others behavior and performance because they may not be of the same mindset. Sometimes I need to take a step back and bite my tongue to make sure I approach the situation the correct way; based on the individual personality traits of the person in front of me. I notice that some of my go to people are of similar thought pattern, they are C personalities, and are detailed orientated.

By knowing what type of personality I am, as well as analyzing the personality traits of the others I lead, I know how to better respond to issues that arise during the work day, and how to go about motivating others to get the results we need to get the job rolling in the right direction.  Being able to understand other people and motivate them in the way they think is more productive than, “my way or the highway’ approach. It is through knowing my core personality traits and being able to understand how others ‘think and react’, that impacts how I approach and motivate people on a daily basis.  It is so important to be self-aware of YOUR characteristics, so you can then analyze OTHERS characteristics, as what is the right methodology for you may not be the right methodology for others. Each one of us is different and it is important in leadership positions to be able to think outside your comfort zones and to be able to think like those you are leading.



2 thoughts on “How do you interact with others? What is your leadership style? How does that affect the team around you?

  1. Joe,

    This tool is awesome. Great job on the post with implementing the DISC model that you recently completed for work. I have to be honest, I never heard of this model, but will recommend that my company utilizes this tool. We typically have Employee Assistance Program (EAP) come in every other month at lunch to discuss various topics, but nothing like this, which I really think could be helpful.

    Being an engineer and working with other engineers, it can be difficult to communicate my thoughts and ideas while at work. I think recognizing the various leadership styles and learning styles is critical because the various styles of both should be acknowledged in order to communicate efficiently.

    I wish one of my superiors would acknowledge that I have a different learning style. Although sometimes I feel it’s just me, I know it’s not the case. Having everyone go through the DISC model to identify what type of leadership styles they have would increase the understanding between co-workers efficiency in the work place.

  2. Joe, when I read your post (which is great), I thought you were describing “emotional intelligence” which is about understanding your ability to interact with others. It’s true that we need to understand our leadershiop style so that we can put it into context as it relates to the team we work with. Understanding our leadership style helps us to see where potential weeknesses might be, as well as strenths.

    I haven’t ever taken this particular test, but just from the descriptions it sounds like I would be between an I and an S.

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